Friday, July 8, 2011

His Lady Mistress, Elizabeth Rolls

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You know what? I can summarise this one pretty quickly for you: girl falls in love with childhood rescuer over her father's grave, followed by misunderstanding after misunderstanding after misunderfuckingstanding.

Perhaps the greatest gift we are in possession of as homo sapiens is that of language. This is why I find it so very frustrating to see it squandered on two supposedly intelligent heroes, who surely have facilities enough to use it, non? Perhaps I'm asking too much. It's like these people are being willfully stupid.

This is what PISSES ME OFF about novels (and I swear romances are most often the guilty parties here), where the bulk of the tension is drawn from, and the plot driven by, the simple fact that our 'heroes' are too brain-dead stubborn to understand that everyone’s lives would be rendered a great deal happier by the simple act of engaging in a rational conversation, without flying into fits of histrionics. I mean, they're from Regency England, no? These people like words! And talking! I've read Jane Austen, it must be true!

His Lady Mistress is not terrible. A little stressful to read? Yes. I truly can't abide the tropes as described above, but not unenjoyable.

Also, it uses lots of big words, which I liked. It makes me feel intellectual.

While I found it started (on a dark and stormy night, no less) a bit slowly, once Verity reached adulthood, I was hooked, and unable to put the damnable thing down. It's just that, when compared to Julia Quinn's delicious The Viscount Who Loved Me and An Offer From A Gentleman (truly, combine the two, and you very nearly have the plot for HLM [reluctant marriage + poor maid, who is actually a lady in disguise, asked to become rakish gentleman's mistress. Oh my!), it's not half as good (perhaps I shouldn't be comparing, but just try and stop me!).

Not awful. Just not as good as Julia Quinn, who is my official touchstone by which all other romance is judged. It's definitely worth $0.01 from the Kindle store. Perhaps even $0.02! (joking--it's truly not bad).

And now for this pretty purple passage (Look, look! I can alliterate!), because, well, it really was kind of pretty): 

"Dreams deceived, phantoms of hope that shimmered into nothing. Leaving only an aching heart with too many bitter secrets entombed. Better to be like the falcon. Alone. Dependent on nothing but the air beneath her wings. At least for the falcon, the air had more substance than her foolish dreams of love."

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