Saturday, October 29, 2011

Her Christmas Pleasure, Karen Erikson (ARC Review)

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Damien has been desperately in love with his best friend's widow, Celia, for years, but doesn't believe he's worthy of her. Celia, grieving her departed husband, never before saw Damien as a man. Unable to stand to be around Celia, but not with Celia, Damien is leaving the country on the first of the year, but a shared kiss beneath the mistletoe will change things for both of them...

If you want electric tension, heat, and a smoking-hot sex scene, well, Her Christmas Pleasure might just be your bag, baby.

The Good:

From page one, the tension between Celia and Damien is palpable. Their mutual yearning for each other is the driving force behind the story, and he two clearly adore each other. The scenes between Damien and Celia's five year old matchmaking son are adorable.

Also, I don't know about you, but I love a good novella. It's the romance novel stripped back to its bones. The tension is condensed and concentrated, the interactions more succinct, no dragged out 'will they, won't they' (it's a romance novel! Of course they will!). At 20,000 words (that's about 80 pages), Her Christmas Pleasure delivered everything I need and want when a romance craving hits me. It's a nice little Sunday afternoon 'me-time' read.

The Hmmmm...

The book gave me a couple of unintentional giggles. Given the Regency/Victorian (I'm not sure which, read: eighteen-hundreds England) setting, the sometimes colorful language and actions of the leads seemed incongruous to the time setting. But hey, it's Christmas! Live and let live.

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