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In My Mailbox (3): Books I Bought This Week

In My Mailbox: What is it?
In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren.It's an opportunity to share the books we've bought or received in the last week!

A few weeks ago, after my first--and very bloated--mailbox, I commented that I was putting myself on a book-buying ban... Um. It didn't happen.

One of these books I feel OK about: I already own an eBook copy of Girl In The Steel Corset. When BFF saw I'd added it to my Goodreads TBR, she borrowed a copy of it from the library she works at for me (have I mentioned I love this girl)? Poison Study, I already owned, but I bought the copy that matches my copies of the other editions in the series.

The others? Well, uh, no excuses, except that Basement Books is both awesome and pure evil. On the bright side, I got my Secret Santa a copy of Vampire Academy, Paranormalcy, and Across The Universe, all for $15. So I think she kinda hit the jackpot.

From top to bottom:

  1. Poison Study, Maria V. Snyder (bought)
  2. Girl In The Steel Corset, Kady Cross (library)
  3. Lord Of The Abyss, Nalini Singh (bought)
  4. Hex Hall, Rachel Hawkins (bought)
  5. Supernaturally, Kiersten White (bought)
  6. Frostbite, Richelle Mead (bought)
  7. Vampire Academy, Richelle Mead (bought)

What'd you bag this week? Share!


  1. Awesome mailbox :) Hex hall was soo amazing <3 I loved it!! Can't wait to read the second book! I have yet to read Supernaturally...the first book was such a light and fun read! Richelle Mead's books are amazing...although the first one wasn't as good as the others imo.

  2. Dear! so many awesome books!! and VA!! that's MUST have int the shelves! hell! I love it! =D muah!

  3. OOh shiny book stack!!

    MY IMM

  4. Awesome Secret Santa gift!! I love those three books. And YAY for Frostbite! I really hope you like it enough to continue on reading because I'm so excited to see what you'll think of the ending of Shadow Kiss. That's like... the mother of all book endings <3


  5. Wow these all look amazing! I told myself that I was going to go on a book buying ban last week but that didn't happen lol

    Happy reading and check out my in my mailbox!

  6. I have Supernaturally and Hex Hall too, sounds good right. Hope you enjoy all of these Sarah


  7. Beautiful, beautiful books! I really want to read Girl in the Steel Corset. it sounds so interesting.

    Great IMM! Happy reading!

    The Blair Book Project

  8. I loved Supernaturally! I hope you enjoy it! I need to read Hex Hall but I'm not yet convinced to get it now. I'm also dying to read Poison Study!! Happy reading!

    Please check out my 50 followers giveaway!

    And my 100 followers giveaway!

  9. So lucky!!!

    Poison study is fantastic! I hope you love it like i did :)

    Vampire Academy is absolutely sublime!!!! I squee at the thought of someone new reading it and LOVING it! Make sure to have the next couple of books on hand because you will fly through them

    Hex hall is pretty good, don't know what the next one is like though because I hate the cover Big W has an edition of Demonglass called "Hex Hall 2" it's horrible so i'm not reading it on principle lol

    Girl in the Steel Corset is on my TBR list I was really excited about it when I got it but never got around to reading it...will have to watch out for your review to see if you like it :)


  10. Some amazing books. THe poison study series is really great, I need to read the third. Hex hall and vampire academy are so nice too. Hope you'll like them

  11. Lol, I definitely know about the book buying ban not going well. If I weren't basically broke, I would probably fail mine as well! So I'll say mine is kinda forced, lol.

    I love your IMM though! Only awesome stuff. I really need to read Frostbite soon. And the rest are basically books I have waiting for read but I just haven't gotten to yet! Seem awesome though. Hope you enjoy! :D Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Supernaturally! That is one I've been wanting to read. Paranormalcy was so good!

  13. I hope you enjoy Hex Hall. And I absolutely loved the Vampire Academy series! Enjoy your books :)

  14. Hex Hall is a really good book. I really enjoyed it a lot. And 3 books for $15 is pretty good. :) Have a good week!

    My IMM

  15. Oh my gosh, you have so many awesome books this week, Sarah!! I love love LOVED Hex Hall (so much fun!), and I really want to read Poison Study & The Girl in the Steel Corset because I've only heard the coolest things about them! Plus, who DOESN'T love the Vampire Academy books? ;)

    Awesome mailbox, Sarah! And LOL don't worry -- you lasted so much longer than me with the book buying ban thing! I was going to try it last month but then I read reviews... and the reviews made me want to buy books... and we all know how this story ends! x)

  16. @Mimi: Hehe! Thanks! I'm so excited about Hex Hall! I've read so many fab things about it I couldn't NOT buy it! It was like, $4! Thanks Mimi! I feel a lot better... and I mean, total? I spent $35 XD

  17. Awesome books! VA looks really good!Hope you enjoy your new books!

  18. Wow lots of great books. I'm kind of envious. Great haul. Come visit me as well.

    Livre De Amour-Books of Love Blog

  19. Awesome haul this week Sarah!
    Girl in the Steel Corset is BRILLIANT! <3 Griffin and Hex Hall is surprisingly good!

    Happy Reading!

    Rachel @ The Rest Is Still Unwritten

  20. So many great books! I LOVE Vampire Academy and can't wait to read Hex Hall. Enjoy!
    Thanks for stopping by The Bookish Babes!

  21. Love Girl in the Steel Corset! And Hex Hall! And I can't wait for the day/s I finally read Snyder's Study series. I love Sydney book stores. Whenever I go to Sydney I spend hours just looking at all the prettiness in them :)

  22. Nice!!!! I have all those books on my "to be read" list :-) Your Secret Santa is going to love you.

  23. @Rachel: Squee! So exzcited to read these two! I had kinda judges Hex Hall by its cover a bit negatively, but I hear such very fabulous things!

    @Andrea: Stopping by is hardly a chore when you have such a fabulous blog!

    @Manda: I'm so excited to read these two! And And the Study series is fabulous--especially the first two! <3<3<3 Valek!

    @Tanya: You know what they say about great minds XD

  24. Haha, I tried to put myself on a book-buying ban too, but then the library had a sale of $1 books. And then I found The Princess Bride at the bookstore on the clearance shelf. So yeah. Didn't really happen :P

    Great books though! I hope you like VA; it's easily my favorite YA series!

  25. I need to get back to VA and start Frostbite sometime. I think it's been six months since I read the first book.

    In regards to Fallen,Unleashed & The Replacement, there's another I've noticed that looks eerily similar, down to the character names and even the general plot of Fallen: My Name Is Memory. I've got a copy but haven't read it yet.

  26. Eeep! Hex Hall! I love that series. Can't wait to see what you think of Archer!



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