Sunday, January 8, 2012

J'aime Étienne St. Clair

Just sayin' ;)


  1. J'adore Etienne St. Clair even more :D
    (okayy so I was desperately surfing through my French vocabs in my head, trying to remember what 'even more' is in French, but looks like my poor 2 years of French lessons at school has gone to waste :S)

  2. J'aime Étienne St. Clair toujours!!! I wish I can write something more in French. The best I can do is say this in British accent? lol. I love the picture! Maybe I should do that with my copy too! ALthough I think I will end up drawing hearts in every Étienne word :P

  3. Love at it's finest I see! I knew Celine had already commented on this post. She has like a St. Clair radar xD let's all draw hearts on our books!

  4. I think this translates the same in French and English: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

    That about sums up my feelings :D

  5. What Brodie (<3) said times A GAGILLION!


    @Shirley: I know the tiniest amount of French. I augment it with a LOT of Google Translate... now I totally wish I'd paid attention to Monsieur Bates in High School :(

    @Celine: Oui! Oui! EEEEE! Seriously! Thank you and Brodie SO SO much for encouraging me to read this and listening to my squealing throughout :D
    You do NOT want to see my copy of Anna at the moment. COVERED with hearts and Je t'aimes ;)

    @Racquel: Mwahaha! I know! I think Celine and St. Clair belong together... and that's something given how many girls would die to get their hands on him :D

    @Brodie: YESSSSSSS! MWAHAHA! Seriously, every time I get a new comment from you I smile and giggle like a loon. SO not cool when I read them at work:

    @Asher: DITTO. OMG. Could St. Clair BE any more perfect??

  7. OMG. Why is there no like button for this post??????? No, we need a LOVE button!! I don't think there's a single hopeless romantic girl in the world who won't fall in love with Etienne St. Clair!! x) I LOVE HIM!

    You make my day, Sarah! <3

  8. Reading your review and now this post is making me reread Anna and the French Kiss! I <3 St. Claire! Love this post too :)

  9. @Kristin: XD

    @Mimi: Mwaha! I'm glad you like it. Oh, those last 2 chapters = <3

    @Mesa: YAY! Oh my goodness, I turned the final page and wanted to read it again IMMEDIATELY. It was PERFECTION.

  10. I LOVE this picture!! Almost as much as I love Etienne :)

  11. I think Brodie's eloquent speech covers my thoughts and feelings exactly.


  12. I feel like I should read this one. I want to know Étienne Saint-Clair too o:

  13. @Cass: mwaha! Yes! I'm thinking of deleting my original review and replacing it just with Brodie's comment :D

    @Rebecca: SQUEE! Oh my goodness, it's so. SO. good. I don't normally read contemporary, but Anna makes me want to read nothing but! It *IS* as good as everyone says!

  14. Aww Sarah! <3 <3 This is so beautiful <3 And I completely agree <3 <3 I love Etienne <3



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