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Blogspiration (20): Dream Libraries, Hermiones, and BFFs

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And, as Lauren says, "but I'd want Hermione there, too."
Fabulously, BFF (the aforementioned Lauren) has also agreed to be my personal librarian. The perfect job: a library, only without other people.

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  1. Awww, Sarah!! :) :) This is so honest! I remember I wanted the scene in the first picture :P lol. I recently became very bookish :P But I love this blogspiration!! :) :) <3

  2. Ahaha so true! Owning a library like that would be AMAZING and one of my life goals!

  3. This is every bookish girl's dream! Who want's prince charming when you can have books galore!? :) Lovin' this blogspiration <33

  4. Ha! I thought I was the only one who wanted that library! Isn't it magical? There are so many real life libraries like that if you can believe it. Penguin Australia are constantly posting pics on their FB page. Makes me so jealous.

  5. Oooh, yes! I mean, BOTH would be nice, but if I had to pick one, it's not even a contest. :-D

  6. Dat Library !! :)) Imagine if I could live there .. awww...

  7. "The perfect job: a library, only without other people." - Hells to the Yes. I love this.

    That library has haunted my dreams for years. Bell, get rid of the beast and get your head in those books!


  8. Oh yes, that library! I love that so many movies feature a giant library, I always want one just like the one pictured!

  9. A library without other people? Surely that's heaven! Though Hermione would be allowed inside, of course. ;)

  10. Yeap! This is ALWAYS how i describe my dream house. Only, i say one room like that then you walk through a door to an almost identicle room only it's full of DVDs. Oh yes.

    I love this Sarah!! And i love beauty and the beast and Belle. And gah. This is an awesome post, as always. You amazing girl you! :)

  11. Lol. Yes. I have got to say that is what i wanted as well. =D

  12. hahahaha. So true. Whenever I watch Beauty and the Beast I still feel all happy tingly wingly woo woo when he tells her the library. Who wouldn't fall in love?


  13. :) I watched Beauty and the beast last night too! The library is magnificent!

  14. YES!!:D I would settle for a normal sized library, but Belle's is the dream:P

  15. Oh to have a floor to ceiling library space. Then to fill it!! I love the staircases:D Ahh dream a dream that comes to life..*sigh*


  16. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL oh my gosh, where do you find these things? That's SO BRILLIANT, Sarah!!! x) Every girl wants the fairytale princess romance, but us bookish girls? We'd rather have the ginormous library... then the fairytale princess romance? (We can have both, right?) A library without other people in it sounds PERFECT! As long as there's also a snack bar in there so I never have to leave!

    I looooooooooove this, and I looooooooooove you, and I loooooooooove The Beauty and the Beast and I loooooooooove your blogspriration posts! :) Have a fabulous day, Sarah-bara! <3

  17. Haha, would it be greedy If I want both things? ;) I'm sure my perfect prince wouldn't mind to build HUGE private library for me! Oh, and he must be an avid reader too, so we can spend time reading side by side in our lovely library! Great, I'm writing my fairytale again LOL! x)

    Aweeeesome post, Sarah! <3 I love your meme, they bring such inspirations to the whole blogosphere! x)

  18. hoHohoHo me too! even though the prince was super hot, the library totally did it for me!! I stil drooling over it =PPPPPPPP

    great post my dear! yu made me luagh a lot lol!! ^.^ muah!!

  19. *DREAMY SIGH* Now THAT is a happily ever after <3 And you have your own librarian?! I think you also need a guest room so we can all take turns staying over :D

    I both agree and disagree with the, "The perfect job: a library, only without other people." statement. I would LOVE my own personal library without having to share it with anyone. But... at the same time, I love nothing more than seeing a library full with people, with so many varied tastes, sharing in the art of READING.

    Except when they grab the book I want, because then I show off my ninja kung-fu skills and slice their head off with page 348 of random book. Seriously. I can do that.

  20. Hahahaha, that's so true! I always stopped for a minute at the library scene :p

  21. I WANT THAT LIBRARY!!! Can I come live with you guys?? All I need is a cot. And maybe dibs at the handsome prince wrongfully cursed to roam the earth as a beast? Kthanksbye!

  22. Pretty much! We don't need no prince when we have books!

  23. NO WAY SARAH. I am 100% serious when I say that I was JUST talking about this with some of my friends at lunch today... Someone wanted the gold dress, someone wanted the talking dishes, most of them wanted the romance.... I'LL TAKE THAT LIBRARY PLEASE.

    And eeeee, Hermione <3 I love that girl so much.

    (and somehow I totally forgot to add my name to the linky on Sunday?)


  24. I love that library so much-it is so hard for me to realize that I will probably never be able to one like this. At best maybe I'll be able to have a room devoted to my books but more probably I'll always be pressed for space. There are just too many books to acquire!

  25. HAHAHA YES!! OMG i remember so clearly when watching the movie, I became so happy when I saw that library :) DREAM LIBRARY <3 I'm a new follower!

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