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Seven Harry Potter Moments that F*@#ked Me Up

We're well into week three of Potterthon, and what better way to celebrate than crying ourselves silly over the saddest moments in Harry Potter! Grab a box of tissues, a good block of chocolate to keep the Dementors away, and let's discuss Harry Potter's cruelest moments! Guys, I think this goes without saying, but this post will contain EPIC SPOILERS for the series.

1. Here lies Dobby, a free elf

No moment in the entire series messed me up quite as badly as the death of sweet, obnoxious, immovably loyal Dobby. There were many deaths in Harry Potter, but Dobby's felt symbolic of something more: the true cost of war, a complete and final loss of innocence. Throughout the books, even at their most perilous, I always felt Harry was safe, especially with Dumbledore around. I knew there had to be a happily ever after. I knew those I loved would make it. When Dobby died, I knew I was wrong.

2. Dumbledore's Death

My constant favorite throughout the series, losing Dumbledore felt like losing my anchor—I was cast adrift. In that moment, all magic left the world. All the wonder associated with Harry's first glimpses of Hogwarts was gone. Then, I swiftly went into denial.

3. 'Always'

Two syllables, six letters, all fans will know what I mean. How do I explain, aside from 'MY EMOTIOOOOONS!'

4. Sirius

What a cruel, cruel loss. Harry lost everything the night the Dark Lord took his family, and was finally given a tiny spark of hope when Sirius Black entered his life. When Sirius left it, I cried like a baby, more at Harry's grief and rage than the moment itself. When Harry sits in his dorm at Hogwarts, raging at Dumbledore in his pain, I thought it one of the most authentic depictions of grief in the series. But what I thought was so, so unfair was the ambiguity of his death, leaving behind a traitorous spark of hope for his return.

5. Merope Gaunt

Discovering the truth of Tom Riddle's parentage broke my heart. It highlighted both the alarming parallels and disparities between Harry and Tom: both were orphaned, both had difficult childhoods, both had potential for greatness, truly, there was only one difference: love. Every moment of his life, whether he knew it or not, Harry was loved. From the very moment of his birth, Tom was unwanted, uncared for, and cast aside. Lily Potter loved her son so much she gave her life for his... Merope could not even stand to live for her child.

6. Hedwig.

I was ready to throw Deathly Hallows across the room that first chapter. I kept thinking I'd read it wrong. Now I choose to believe Hedwig didn't perish. No, she's simply searching for Harry, and one day they'll find each other again.

7. George.

Yes, George. Admit it: you cried too. What upset me most about Fred's death was not his absence, but George being left behind, alone. Seeing one where there had always been—should always be—two. The thought of George going through life in a dream, a half-life, seeing Fred in every mirror, every word he uttered himself, with every laugh hollow, missing it's counter note destroyed me.

And I may have just cried all over again. So, what better way to end a week than in tears? Tell me, friends, what Harry Potter moment made YOU cry?

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  1. Sooo...nothing made me cry, but "Always" did make my heart sink. :(

    1. *gasp* you didn't cry? AT ALL? ANYWHERE? NOT EVEN AT DOBBY? :O

      I want your superpowers. I was a soggy mess by the end of Deathly Hallows! But more so in the books than the movies ;D

    2. I'm surprised too, since I'm a super crybaby when it comes to books and movies. I can say that reading the first half of Deathly Hallows almost bored me to tears...Snape's death did choke me up a bit, and I had to sit the book down for awhile, but even then, no tears. :-/

    3. It's odd what winds up getting you, isn't it? I cried from Hedwig, onwards, throughout the whole book... but I read them back to back, so I was pretty emotional... Then there's other books I KNOW are heartbreaking, but I can't summon up a tear :D

  2. OH DEAR SARAH. Even though I haven't finished reading the books yet (BUT I'M CURRENTLY READING BOOK 2 so don't kill me!) I remember all those scenes in the movie and OH MY HEART BROKE A BILLION TIMES!

    1. DOBBY
    Dear Dobby, even though you're quite annoying in Chambers of Secrets, *sobs* I still cried when you died.

    NO!!! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE, DUMBLEDORE? You're the greatest Hogwarts headmaster ever! *sobs*

    3. ALWAYS
    Now this one is Snape's saying I presume? I can't remember this one in the movie but Brodie LOVES this word A LOT :P

    4. SIRIUS
    Oh goodness, so I watched Order of the Phoenix recently and I CRIED when Sirius died. Just when Harry Potter is about built his family with Sirius, he died *wails*

    Hmmm, I'm not familiar with this one. Is she Tom's mother? But I can't imagine what it's like to be Tom's parents!

    6. HEDWIG
    I used to dislike owls but I WANT ONE LIKE HEDWIG! J.K Rowling, what you do to me :P

    7. GEORGE
    *sobs harder* I SO CRIED when George died because I remember all those scenes with him and Fred in the past movies and GOSH, I still can't believe he died!

    Anyway, *clears throat* AWESOME POST, Sarah! ♥

    PS: YES SIR, I'm off to read HP2 immediately ;)

    1. OH MY GOD CELINE. AS MUCH AS I LOVE YOU, READ THE BOOKS. D: D: That's how you know about Merope Gaunte! *mumble grumble*

      go go go go go go go reaaaaaaaadddddddd. <3 <3 <3

  3. I think that Dobby's death was the hardest for me. I sobbed for over 30 minutes and couldn't bear to finish Deathly Hallows after the loss of Dobby. Eventually, I did finish just to be cruelly tortured by the death of Fred.

    Heather (

  4. HI SARAAAH!!! I'm back from my vacation! How are you?? :D There are so many reasons why I love this post so much. First of all, ALL of the moments you chose also made me cry!! Sirius was my favorite character, so when he died, I was like 'NOOOOO! Why god??? WHY??!' And, what probably surprised and pissed me off (OMG I never swear, so I'm preeetty worked up right now :P) the most, is when Hedwig died. I mean, I guess I've always kind of been fond of Hedwig, but I never knew how truly attached I'd become to him, until he died. I couldn't stop crying for DAYS. Days, I tell you! -.- Plus, it was a little unnecessary, if you ask me. I mean, I love JK Rowling to death, but it seemed as if she was just trying to make us sad. Well, I could go on and on all day about all the moments listed, but I'm guessing you don't want to be bored to death by my rambling?? LOL. :')

    I just want to say that even though I have only been following your blog for a little while now, I feel like I know you so well. And you've already added so many books to my TBR list, so a huge thank you. *BEAR HUG* *SAPPY GRIN* I'm adding you to my blog list. <333

  5. I never cried when reading harry potter but i have felt sad and heartbroken during many of the same moments. I also believe Hedwig is still alive. "Always" will always be my favorite sad moment. I was sadness the most when Snape died. (no surprise he is my favorite of favorite characters) I was also sad when Cedric died.

  6. oh i so agree and i still cry when i think of Dobby and Sirius died.

  7. death of colin creavy really threw me. Because he was so sweet, and devoted even if so much it was annoying sometimes. not as much as the ones you've mentioned above.

    Another tear jerker scene was when lupin arrived at grimmauld place, wanting to come horcrux hunting with harry instead of staying with pregnant tonks. That they left this out of the movie really really annoyed me!
    then of course tonks and lupin's deaths. they kind of made circle out of the series, as it was the last of the mauraders and left the only other maurader's child an orphan.

    the slight change in malfoy and his mother and how harry saved his life 2 or 3 times was also kind of harrowing, but maybe i'm just a sap for wanting to see the good in people.

  8. very sad moments . very sad
    i teared inside

  9. I don't think I ever cried while reading HP; BUT "ALWAYS" BROKEEE MY HEART!!!

  10. I'm very weird when it comes to crying in books and movies. Sometimes, I'm like a brick wall, and other times, I'll cry at the drop of the hat. (Well, I'm pretty predictable with Doctor Who. That ALWAYS makes me cry). Anyways, the only moment above that made me cry was Sirius. I WAS SOOOOOO SAD!!! The other ones were awful and sad too, but Sirius just destroyed me at the time.

  11. I cried AGAIN just reading this. I'm totally serious. I really JUST cried remembering all this.

    I definitely cried the most when Sirius, Dumbledore and Fred died.

    I also cried when Ron walked out on them and when Cedric Diggory died. I cried when Lupin and Tonks died.

    I cried A LOT during the books.

  12. I agree with you on everyone of these moments, I cry like a baby everytime I read them. But the moment that hurt me the most was Sirius death - he was Harry's only hope for at least some kind of a normal life and such a sympathetic character...

    And Fred... :( Fred and George, both of them always able to make you laugh out loud, were torn apart in such a cruel way. I don't think there's any book/series that made me cry like Harry Potter.

  13. Too many emotions . . . TOO MANY!


  14. I didn't cry when I watched the DH Part 2 in the theater, but I came close to tears during Snape's last memory when I watched it back at home. And, note, I don't usually cry during movies, so yeah. David Yates, consider yourself lucky. *nods*

    But the "Always" part always makes me tear up. *sniffle*

  15. Hedwig always seemed like the worst moment to me, even though it was brief in the book as a whole. That's when I knew all bets were off in the last book!

  16. OH God, Dobby and George. Why must you bring these horrible memories to light? Now I want to cry and eat a whole bunch of butter pecan ice cream. All while rocking back and forth, moaning in pain. :(

    Dobby's death hurt my heart!!! Now my eyes are sad.

  17. AWWWW: come for the books, stay for the crazy. Sooooo cute.

  18. I'm going to pretend I didn't see your warning for EPIC SPOILERS in all caps and proceed LOL! x)

    But OH MY GOODNESS, I never knew that Harry Potter was this emotional! Now I have to make sure to have tissues with my popcorn when I go through the HP marathon -- I can't believe how gutsy Rowling is to kill off so many amazing characters! Most authors are afraid of that... I'm going to make sure I'm not with my future book! [insert evil laugh] Hehe ;)

    But I will hope with you that the adorable Owl is still searching for Harry too!! :'D Sweeeeeeet sweet sweet post, Sarah-bara! <3

  19. I cried at Sirius. At Dumbledore. At Dobby. At Fred. At Tonks & Lupin. I cried and I cried. But Dobby nearly killed me! I swear, I could barely read when he died. That was just SO wrong. I always loved Dobby. :(

    I think I even cried first time round when Harry-as-Nagini attacked Mr Weasley, before I knew he was ok. Possible tears over Hermione being petrified by the basilisk, first time round. Lots of things to cry about!

    I have to say, I was moved and amazed and awed and just completely wowed by Snape and "always", by his intense, eternal love for Lily, and how he was constantly looking out for Harry even though he hated him, and putting his life at risk by going back to Voldemort AND THEN killing Dumblebore on his request and having all the good guys hate him when he was a good guy all along himself! But... no tears. I just loved him a little bit, lol.

  20. Hedwig... I was in complete shock... and Harry couldn't even go after her body to bury her. OMG the tears are coming!... Why JK, WHY did you have to kill Hedwig? :-(

    And then Snape... He is my favourite character, I just LOVED him!...and when he died, oh HELP ME!!.. then Harry taking the memories, oh it was too much, I didn't want him to die but I understand why he had to...and how my other favourite sad/happy moment was Harry naming his son after him...

    I SOOOO want to re read this series!!

  21. SOBBING ALL OVER THIS POST!!! Dobby always gets to me, especially the free elf part. I always get emotional at "I am ready to die." ;_____________;

  22. I'm just sobbing all over again now. Sirius always gets to me every time. All those conversations they had about being a proper family again after the war and Harry living with Sirius...cruel Rowling! Giving us all that hope and then just extinguishing it! :'( After Sirius I'd have to say it's "Always." Gosh, that entire chapter in the novel is so hard to read with all the tears blurring my face's heart-breaking. Dobby was one of the worst though. I'm re-reading the series right now and there was minor foreshadowing of his death and I'm beating myself over the fact that I didn't see it before! Poor Dobby! I'm off to go cry again now...brilliant post!

    Ivy Book Bindings

  23. Oh dear I'm with you with Dobby and Hedwig. I was tearing up in the theatre when Dobby laid in Harry's arms. :( and yes I almost threw my book at the wall when I read Hedwig dies too. Wonderful post though!

  24. "Always"

    darn, even those words give me tears :') That's just sooooo pretty in the books and the movies. And yeah, Snape's death still tears my heart apart :') Mostly because it was not necessarily in the end *cries*

    And Dumbledore, Dobby, Sirius, what about the sweet Remus & his wife, laying with their hands to each other?

    I think almost every death made me feel sad.. (still does)

  25. Ahh George... I didn't just cry. I WEPT. I'm getting a little emotional now even just thinking about it. :'( The only thing I'm glad of though is that it happened in the last book, along with Dobby's death too. Imagine having to experience a whole book without them?

    And ALWAYS... I can't even put into words what that single word means to me.

    Sigh... I'm off before I slobber all over your blog. ;)

  26. ALWAYS. That moment ripped me apart more than anything else in the series. By that point, I was already crying (and had been for a while, because I pretty much had constant tear flowing from Fred on), but that had me going into convulsive sobs that had my roommate concerned for my wellbeing.

    I really agree with all of these moments. They all broke my heart and made me cry (Dobby was probably second to Always...I just grew to love him so much, and the way he died and his words and "Here lies Dobby, a free elf"... And I'm literally tearing up right now just thinking about it, so I'll stop). Although Dumbledore less than the rest because with him, I really went into a sort of shock mode where part of me simply refused to believe that he was dead. By the time I accepted it, I was upset, but I'd had more time to get used to the idea.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Ok, so the moment I cried BIG HUGE CATASTROPHIC tears was for one part and one part only..... When Fred Died! You see I'm a twin, and it was to close to home, so to speak. My sister walked into the room, and was like what's wrong with you? I looked up at her and wailed YOU DIED. She looked at the book in my hand and and said, I know. We cry for about an hour.

  29. You are so right about George. It's not that Fred died, though that pissed me right the fuck off, it's that they were separated. I can't think of a single sentence in the book where they were mentioned separately. It was always Fred and George, or the Weasley Twins, never just one of them.

    The fact that one of them would have to go on, alone, when everything about them fed off the other. Their humour was just so linked, so in sync, and so intrinsic to who they are that to not have them be together was unfathomable.

    I always knew Dumbledore was coming, because Harry had to learn to fight on his own, but Sirius really through me for six too. I was so hopeful that they would both be healed by each other - Harry would have a proper parent who loved him and also someone to tell him about his parents who knew them so intimately, and that Sirius would be healed by Harry for the loss of James. To have that taken away from both of them just about destoyed me.

  30. Everyone I know cried when Dobby died!!! :( (apart from my cousin who merely laughed at her friends crying at Dobby dying - I know, I told her she's weird.)

    And when Sirius died, and when Dumbledore died, and when Fred died, and oh... why did so many people have to die?!!? How is it that there are so many sad moments in the Harry Potter books?!! *tearing up just thinking about it*

    And it was so sad that Tonks and Lupin died, and poor little Teddy was left alone :(

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. SORRY for the triple comments, apparently putting a split in a <3 to signify you breaking my heart... also deletes a couple sentences. WEIRD.

    I die. The end. *dead* *returns as Hogwarts ghost*

    God, you're really killing me with your posts lately. I'm not sure my heart can take anymore, but for some reason, I LOVE IT.

    To be honest - and I can't quite believe it myself - I think Deathly Hallows was the only book I full on cried in. I'm sure I got teary over Sirius during my many countless rereads, but no huge moments that I can remember actually needing tissues. Deathly Hallows, though. Just holding that book for the first time enveloped me in a depression I couldn't shake.

    Dobby didn't make me cry, I BAWLED. Like, the whole ugly, splotchy, runny nose, eyes swelling over from crying too much bawlfest. No death in fiction has rocked me quite as much as that did. ALWAYS. ALWAYS. I didn't cry the first time Snape died, but on every reread, " me" is a magnet for tears.

    I absolutely LOVED delving into Voldemort's history in Half Blood Prince, JKR handled it beautifully, devestatingly, and nothing short of what I would expect from her. I especially love the parallels with Harry/Voldemort. And Snape too... "The abandoned boys"

    George. GEORGE. You paragraph, Sarah :( Fred's death was heartbreaking enough, but I think my heart cracks more when imagining George and what he must have went through. It's like losing a half of your soul. I have a sliver of understanding for George's position, but nothing of the full effect of what that must be like for him.

    The Forest Again messed with my heart. In a beautiful way, though, I guess. I always cry when Harry sees his 'family' (yes, Sirius and Lupin are family too!) for the very, very last time. Though he thinks he'll soon be joining them... it was really the last goodbye. Yet also a promise, that they'll never really be gone *sniffles*

  34. ahhhhh so many Harry Potter moments! I think the part where Dobby died really got me. He sacrificed his life to save Harry and his friends..he really is one of my favorite characters! Also, I was so sad when George died. Reading about the Weasley twins always brought a smile to my face!

  35. Well, this is officially the most tear-inducing blog post ever! Haha. I agree with all of the scenes you mentioned, I definitely sobbed over all of those. For some reason Hedwig's death scene really killed me, because even when Harry was back at the Dursley's during holidays he had Hedwig as a reminder of his life back at Hogwarts. Plus, I'm a huge lover of animals and if one of my little furry buddies was killed I would absolutely lose it.

    Snape's death scene made me bawl too. And also when Harry breaks up with Ginny.

    In the theater when I saw The Deathly Hallows Pt. 2, when the end credits came up I burst into ugly, snot coming out of my nose tears because I was hit with the realization that there weren't going to be any more movies.

    Us Potterheads are such saps. I love it!

  36. Dobby's death was my undoing. I just felt sick and empty at losing that lovable little creature. And then losing Fred on top of that, Deathly Hallows was just one big head screw foe me.

  37. Sirius' death killed me. I couldn't LOOK at the cover of OotP for weeks without breaking down. I couldn't believe JKR could do something like that. Eternally heartbroken.


  38. I totally agree with you about all the moments you've mentioned!

    But especially Sirius, who is my favorite character, makes me shed SO many tears that I feel completely lost after reading about his death and Harry's reaction afterwards. OMG. It's horrible. :(

  39. I agree with you - good points! I have to say, it was the death of Sirius that hit me hardest - I had to put the book down for a while due to my uncontrollable sobbing/mini-mental breakdown. I still believe to this day that he is still alive somehow, because of that veil.

    By book seven I pretty much got used to knowing many beloved characters would be dying. It still hurt, though, and some tears were shed, but not like with Sirius (and I didn't just cry for Sirius's "supposed death" [*still in denial*] but for Harry's pain and loss).


    Oh, poor Tonks, poor Remus. They were my favorite couple!!! And poor orphaned Teddy...



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