Thursday, August 30, 2012

AAA: Appreciating Brigid Kemmerer

Earlier this year I was tweeting with friends, and was asked if I’d want to participate in a blog tour for the release of an upcoming book. A few of my friends had RAVED about it, and I’d read and loved a handful of character interviews I’d seen during a blogging event earlier in the year. I read the book and fell instantly and desperately in love (who says there’s no such thing as instalove?), and my adoration has only grown.

That book was Storm, and its lovely author is the one and only Brigid Kemmerer.

I’ve loved every word Brigid’s written. From Storm, to Spark, and her two Novellas: Elemental and Fearless. I devoured the preview for her upcoming novel, Spirit, in the back of Spark, and when all that was done, I started reading through her blog.  Her books are only a part of why I love this woman and want to say thank you.

Brigid’s an inspiration. She’s blogged extensively with fantastic, practical writing advice, and she’s stuck at writing with a single-minded passion since she was a teen. She’s not only a writer, she’s a mother of three, and she works full time. We were honoured to have her stop by AAA earlier in the month to discuss her schedule, and the woman is super human. She fits more into a day than I fit into most weeks, and she does it with a sense of humour and humility than humbles me.

Through her writing, and through just being her, Brigid’s brought me many things: laughter, stories that stay with me, friends—including the amazing Becca who, while I knew before, I connected with over the blog tour I mentioned earlier—and perhaps best of all, inspiration.

So, Brigid, thank you. For everything. And a BIG congratulations on the release of SPARK.


And did you know Brigid's just released the book trailer for Spark? Check it out:


Find Brigid on: Goodreads | Website / Blog | Twitter | Facebook

We also have five copies of Storm up for grabs, and a pre-order of Spark!


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  1. You made me cry in the middle of Starbucks!! I think YOU are an inspiration, Sarah!! Thank you so much! I'm so touched!

    1. *hugs* Don't do that, you'll make ME cry! Thank YOU!

    2. I bet there’s cameras in Starbucks waiting to come out and say Punk’d! <3<3<3

    3. Braiden you're MEAN. I would never PUNK Brigid. She's lovely. Now YOU on the other hand... :P

  2. Awww, this is so very sweeet! Brigid is inspiring and awesome and she deserves this post so much. YES to everything you said and more. Without Brigid, I'm sure we'd still be close but our relationship probably wouldn't be what it is today, considering our twin-ish situation, and so that makes very thankful. This is BEAUTIFUL. I ADORE it; each and every. single. word. ♥♥

    1. YES! I knew you in passing, and knew OF you before the tour, but I never really KNEW you beforehand. Brigid is AMAZING ♥

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Exactly, and it's all thanks to Brigid because if we hadn't done the Storm tour, I might still think of you as only the cute shoes girl from afar and that would be TERRIBLE. Brigid is SUPER AMAZING and so are you! ♥

  3. This was an amazing post Sarah and I agree with you so much. Brigid is such an inspiration. She does so much and still makes sure to be with her family and to just enjoy life. She is an amazing person and a huge inspiration. <333

  4. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for linking to her On Writing info. I loved her Plot post. I wrote my novel with the plot being very thin. My core conflict was a little hazy. I am learning to make sure the core plot is obvious.

  5. Fantastic work man, keep your heads high you did it.

  6. I was writing up my review of Spark yesterday and could hardly stop myself from gushing. Brigid is super talented and a super nice human being. This post is amazing, Sarah! :)

  7. Amazing post! I can't wait to read the book Spark!

  8. Sarah, I LOVE this post! :) So well-deserved as well <3 I am still in complete awe over Brigid's daily routine (wait, there's THREE kids?!) and, of course, her debut novel and novella. What a talented and dedicated woman... Not unlike yourself, Sarah!


  9. All my friends know about how much I can't help but rave about Brigid and the Elementals series, it was instalove for me too! and not only is she an amazing author but an amazing person too and I absolutely can not wait to read Spark. Great post Sarah :)

  10. SARAH. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS POST. So beautifully written, so heartfelt and so TRUE.

    To have the opportunity to catch a peek at the author behind a story and discover what a humble, sweet, funny, friendly, AMAZING woman it is who's spent hours entertaining you with witty dialogue and edge-of-your-seat action... is there anything greater? It seems to good to be true that a story so captivating doesn't have an author who's not a diva or has nine eyes. Or just SOME GODDAMN FLAW, RIGHT? Brigid Kemmerer is bookworms answer to Clark Kent.

    Is it a 16 year old boy? (JURY IS STILL OUT)
    Is it a super genius alien who extracted the wisdom from Dumbly-dorr's brain after he dropped from the Astronomy tower?

    No... it's SUPERWOMAN*

    *but we need a cooler name, because Superwoman is so 1990's.

    Any. Way. I love you and I love her and I love authors and bloggers and this whole entire month and this post is just <33333

  11. *sobs* SARAH. I think I just cried reading your post. IT'S JUST......PERFECT. I LOVE BRIGID, her books, her characters and she's just a SUPERWOMAN, like Brodie said ;) AND EEEEEE, SPARK! SPARK! SPARK! ME NEED SOME GABRIEL! AND SOME MORE BRIGID'S WRITING!


  12. Wow Sarah, such an awesome post! You ROCK!!! We all LOVE Brigid and the incredible story and relationships she has created for us!!



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