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AAA: Interview with Cat Patrick + GIVEAWAY!

Does the name Luke Henry make you weak at the knees? You're not alone. Cat Patrick won ardent fans across the globe with her debut novel, Forgotten, and her follow up, Revived. We're so excited to have her here talking family, Hailee Steinfield and inspiration. Read on for a little inspiration yourself, and the chance to win your own copy of REVIVED!

How do you balance writing (not to mention reading) with raising a young family and finding time for yourself? It's not quite a normal 9-5 job - My theory is that writers have superhuman powers...

Cat: Haha, I wish! I think we all need to figure out a way to work in what we love to do. I have a very supportive network. I start work at 6AM (often in my PJs) and my husband gets up with our girls and gets them off to school. I pick them up at noon after a nice six-hour stretch. One day a week, my mom helps out. And often, Hubby takes the girls on Saturdays when I need some extra writing time. It's all about finding the system that works for you/your family and sticking to it.

What's be your 'funnest' moment writing so far?

Cat: I'm not sure I can choose one. My top three include: hearing the news that Oscar-nominee Hailee Steinfeld liked Forgotten and that Paramount was going to buy the movie rights before publication; visiting my hometown of Cheyenne, Wyoming and having what I like to call my American Idol moment; and hearing from a girl after a school visit that I made her want to start reading again.

And the dullest?

Cat: I'm not a massive fan of the copyediting phase of the publication process. You've already been through heavy duty edits and are just fixing grammatical and spelling errors. It's not exactly a thrill a minute, but of course, it's incredibly necessary.

I cannot write without... Sleep. Quiet. Coffee. All of the above.

You've written books that have had thousands of girls swooning, and inspired a very loyal fanbase, but what inspires you? Is there one person you know it couldn't have happened without?

Cat: Two, actually: my kiddos. I've always wanted to be a writer but pre-kids, I was sort of paralyzed by the idea of actually doing it. It felt like a huge mountain to climb. When I had twins--and survived the crying-pooping-feeding infant phase times two--I truly felt like I could do anything. I looked at their little faces and thought that I wanted them to have a mom who went for the things she wanted in life. So, when I got the idea for my first novel, I went for it.

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A massive thanks to Cat for her time today! I loved reading her interview responses, and I hope you will, too. If you love Cat, remember to tell her! Send a tweet, or a Facebook message.
Thanks to the wonderful folks at Hardie Grant Egmont, we have five copies of Revived up for grabs. Remember to enter the giveaway (below) for a chance to win!


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  1. Awww, I adore her answer to the last question! They'll never ask for a more inspiring mother <3 And hehe... anyone who survives the "crying-pooping-feeding infant phase times two" is a clearly a Superwoman.

    I am SO SO SO SO excited to see the movie version of Forgotten, it was one of my favourite novels of 2011!! And Cat is SUCH a sweetheart. I've been in a rereading mood lately and thanks to this fabulous interview, you've just screwed over my TBR with another spontaneous reread. Thanks... I think? :P

  2. I love Cat's books, and this post ROCKS! All of Cat's answers are fabulous but I especially love her reply to the last question. It's so nice to hear motherhood gave her that final push and encouragement she needed to get writing.

    Read Forgotten last year and it was amazing. I'm SO excited for the movie version. Looks like I'll be forcing my friend to read this and then dragging her off to see the movie when it releases ;D

    You REALLY must hurry up and read Forgotten. It's about time you meet Luke Henry! <3

  3. Great interview.

    It's funny, I think I am the only writer who has to have noise to write. Then again, I am not published yet, lol. I don't know what it is, I have to have the TV on, people around me, and all that jazz.

  4. Oh truly! I adore Cat Patrick and her books!!! Forgotten was amazing and so very different and I did love Revived! I cannot wait for more stories from her!

  5. Awesome interview!

    Love Cat Patrick's books, especially Forgotten. Can't wait to read more from her! But it's really good to hear that she's another one of those authors who needs quiet time to write . . . I'm a lot like that when I write myself. I try to have music in the background . . . but it's too damn distracting most of the time. :)

  6. A lovely interview! Though I'm pretty sure writers DO have superhuman powers. ;) I hope I can read Cat's books soon. They all sound fantastic!

  7. Great interview! I absolutely LOVED Revived and I haven't read Forgotten yet but I just love all her books they are so emotional! :)

  8. Fantastic interview! And a great reminder to the rest of us that if Cat can write two books with twins, well, there's really excuse. ;) I haven't read either of Cat's books yet, but I've definitely been wanting to!

  9. The answer to that last question was the sweetest thing EVER <3 I loved the bit about having a mom that went for things. I can definitely relate to the fear of actually writing seriously!

    The name Luke Henry does NOT make me weak at the knees because I STILL haven't read Forgotten! I got a copy last year because of Brodie's recommendation but it's still sitting there unread! I did enjoy Revived though :) But still... no Luke Henry in my life :( Guess I'll have to change that soon!

    Love the interview <3




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