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AAA: Rebecca Serle, author WHEN YOU WERE MINE, on 5 Lessons My Characters Have Taught Me

When I read Rebecca Serle's When You Were Mine earlier this year, I cried (bawled. It wasn't pretty) - such a beautiful, poignant story. There's an emotional depth and intensity to her writing that struck me straight to my core. Turns out, when I read the post you're about to see, I cried all over again. Rebecca's an incredibly talented writer, and I'm so excited to have her here today!

5 Lessons My Characters Have Taught Me

Hey, you guys! I was asked to do a guest post and I absolutely love this Top 5 because the truth is, while I create these little creatures that live and talk and breathe on the page—they’re really, ultimately, the ones in control (it’s true!) Inevitably at the end of a book they’ve offered me far more life lessons than I have given them.

So! I’m going to tell you what each character from When You Were Mine has caught me. Or at least 5 of them…

1) Rosaline.

I don’t know where to begin! I learned everything from this girl. I think the single biggest lesson I got from her, though, is that life doesn’t always turn out the way you think it’s going to—and that’s okay. Because the way it turns out is the way it was meant to, and sometimes it’s even better than what you imagined. You have to keep rolling with it, keep letting go.

2) Juliet.

When You Were Mine actually began as a story of friendship between Rosaline and Juliet, but I soon realized the tale that needed to be told was not that one. Even so, there is love there, and I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned from Juliet is to not hold grudges. To not seek out revenge. Let the past be the past and just keep moving forward. It’s a lesson I’m not sure Juliet ever gets, but it’s one she definitely taught me.

3) Charlie.

Oh, Charlie. I must admit I really love this girl. She’s tough. She’s a fighter. She has a past that has made her who she is. I think the lesson I’ve learned from Charlie is that sometimes you have to fake it till you make it. Pretend you’ve got things under control—that you know how to handle it. Because once you do, people start treating you differently. They start respecting you. It’s not a bad thing to sometimes present yourself as being a kick-butt woman who’s got her act together. You just might find you are one!

4) Len.

I love Len, I really do. I feel so connected to him because he’s really the one who shows Rosaline that there is another way—a different path. I think Len has taught me to look beyond first impressions and to understand that sometimes the most profound relationships we have in our life come clear out of nowhere.

5) Olivia.

Olivia may not seem like the brightest crayon in the box, but there is one nugget of wisdom she has given me—something incredibly key. There is a line in When You Were Mine where Olivia says something like—some people don’t deserve second chances. I found that to be sort of profound because while I believe in forgiveness, absolutely, I also believe that sometimes, someone just doesn’t need to be in your life. Sometimes the best thing to do is to see the past clearly, and not make the same mistake again.

I was thinking about giving a bonus round on Rob, but... I think, actually, he might be the one I taught a little more than he taught me

What about you guys? Anything you’ve learned from the characters you’ve written…or the ones above?



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A big, BIG thank you to the amazing Rebecca Serle for her time today. I LOVED When You Were Mine. I haven't read many contemporaries, so I don't want to cheapen my love of it and say it's one of my favorites amongst such a small bunch. But it is one of my most memorable 2012 reads, grabbing my heart and doing very painful things. If you haven't read it, go check it out. If you have, why not take a moment to send Rebecca some thanks?


  1. Great post! I don't think I could ever learn anything from Juliet's character . . . she was a hot mess. haha.

  2. Well, you know that When You Were Mine and I had a bad experience BUT this 'Top 5' is simply AMAZING. It suck's that I didn't like the book because Rebecca Serle sounds awesome :) Your a clever girly, loving this post! <3

  3. Amazing Guest Post. I've never seen one like this before.

    "Fake it till you make it." Loves it!!

    I have not read the book but now I am interested.

  4. I love this style of guest post! And honestly, reading what each of these characters has taught Rebecca is making ME want to hurry up and read WYWM, to see what lessons they'll teach me. I can't deny these are making me all the more intrigued about each of the characters.

  5. And another fantastic AAA post! These are some of the most unique author interviews I've seen. I love them! I would love to hear from some other authors about what their characters have taught them. Also, this totally makes me want to read When You Were Mine. Thanks Rebecca and Sarah!

  6. i loved this book. gr8 guest post

  7. I must read Romeo and Juliet the original classic! I have added this book to my TBR pile after you said you cried...I love a book that makes me feel or come alive more when I have it in my hands.

    Loved this and awesome AAA:D


  8. I am SO FAR BEHIND! But I am now working on catching up. This was such an awesome post! I've yet to read When You Were Mine, but I've always liked the sound of it. Now I want to read it even more! Super excited to read it now! Thanks!

  9. What a wonderful post and what awesome lessons <3 This book wasn't at the top of my TBR list before, but I think I might nudge it up a bit now that the character's sound so amazing!

  10. Oh, I still remember reading your review for this book! From that and this wonderful guest post, I am definitely excited to read When You Were Mine! All of these characters sound pretty special and I'm hoping to take away some lessons of my own after reading about them!




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