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Losing Lila Blog Tour: Q&A with Sarah Alderson

We fell in love with Lila and Alex Alex ALEX in Hunting Lila, and they're back in the even hotter, sexier, action-packed sequel, Losing Lila. I read Losing Lila a few weeks ago and loved it, and I know I'm not alone. Whether you're dying to read Losing Lila, or have already devoured it, I know you'll be as excited as me to have her spilling the deets on Lila and the gang!

You wowed us all with pulse-thumping action and insanely sexy romance in Hunting Lila; what can readers expect from Losing Lila?

Sarah: Even more insanely sexy romance…um. I cranked up the action in this one and the steam. I wanted to show how Lila’s power developed and with it a sense of her own agency. That then got me thinking about how others would react to her – including Alex. I wanted to show progression in their relationship now that they are on a more equal footing with regard to strength and knowledge.

Do you see yourself in any of Lila’s characters? Maybe boy crazy, shoe crazy Suki, or Lila’s impulsiveness?

Sarah: I guess at points in my life I’ve been boy crazy and shoe crazy. Now I just wear flip flops or converse, and I’m only crazy about one boy (that would be my husband ;)…oh ok, and Ryan Gosling) but I do draw on aspects of myself to write every character.

Am I impulsive? I take risks for sure, but they’re calculated ones. I try to be fearless and I think that’s like Lila.

Losing Lila introduces us to some completely new and previously unheard Psy abilities, and uncovers some fairly shocking secrets for Lila… Were these always on the cards—what abilities might exist, and would be used in the development on the plot in book 2?

Sarah: The new abilities weren’t planned, until I got to that part in the book and thought to myself ‘woah, wouldn’t it be cool if…’

Most of the twists in both Hunting Lila and Losing Lila hit the reader hard and are shocking because they weren’t planned at all. They were shocking to me as well! When I started Losing Lila I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen. It’s way more fun to write it like that I find.

What's been your favorite part of writing Losing Lila?

Sarah: I wrote it a while ago now (2 years back). My favourite part about writing it was that I was on the beach in Goa, India. I’d sit and write with my toes sunk in the sand, drinking chai. I also just wrote that book for me and my friends because at the time I didn’t even have a book deal. So it really did come from a place of fun, and of me wanting to finish the story. I felt I owed it to Alex and Lila.

And the hardest?

Sarah: I think I struggled most with the final scenes, on the base. It was a lot of action to write. I could see it all in my head, like a movie, but getting it down on paper so that others could see it too, that was a challenge.

You touch on the concept of ‘curing’ those with Psy abilities in the book. It’s a mix of fascinating and terrifying discovering how various people would like to use or treat those with ‘abilities’. Were it an option, would you choose to be ‘cured’?

Sarah: Not if I had the power to strip Alex of clothing just by looking at him. Are you kidding me?

Do your family read your books? How have they responded to some of the *ahem* racier moments?

Sarah: They don’t say anything. I choose not to ask. I’ve just written an adult book with a lot of sex in it and I’m far too embarrassed to show that to my dad though. Or my brother. I feel I have to prĂ©cis everything with the words ‘I know the main character might seem like me and act a little like me, and may even resemble me in the things that she has done, but the sex bits, honestly that’s not me. At all.’

You tormented us with the sexual tension in HL, and it’s even hotter in Losing Lila. Do you suffer just as much as us and Lila when she and Alex don't get to go all the way, or do you enjoy the torture?

Sarah: You forget that although they might not go all the way on paper, they exist in my head, and in there I’m not bound by PG ratings ;)

I like it that there’s tension. That’s half the fun.

And now for a serious question... Who's your ideal date: Alex, or Jack?

Sarah: Ahhhh, Jack is like my brother. That’s wrong. Alex…without a doubt. He’s my ideal man.

Is this it for Lila and the gang? What’s the chance of a threequel?

Sarah: Who knows! I honestly have no idea. I’m so busy at the moment I can barely check my email and I have so many books at various stages of writing, editing and promotion right now…so to even consider Lila & Alex and a third book will require clearing the decks first. I wouldn’t want to rush into it. I’d want to give it time and really enjoy writing it. But yeah, in an ideal world…I’d love to spend some more time with those characters. I’d like to see what they’re up to now. In fact, I’m going to write a short story featuring Lila, Alex, Suki, Nate and Jack. It’s going to be set in Nantucket and will also feature the characters from my next book The Sound – which is out in August next year.


  1. Awesome interview cannot wait to read the new book!

    1. I LOVED the new book, Kimba! Even better than Hunting Lila, seriously!

  2. WHAT NOW?! They go all the way or NOT? Damn it Sarah you've put it out like that, that now I don't understand!! I need to read this book. I am at the beginning, so that won't take long - considering Sarah's writing - that I usually can't put down until I'm done. And then I want to weep because I finished it too soon and too fast. lol

    Well, don't answer my question :P I will see myself. About the *ahem* question - WHICH ADULT BOOK is she talking about?!? I WANT TO KNOW!! <3

    Amazing interview Sarah!! :) <3

    1. *cackles*
      Seriously, Losing Lila is HOT. Don't worry :D

      As for the adult book, I think it's still in the works and mysterious, but OMG I AM SO EXCITED FOR IT! &HEARTS;

  3. Love the questions you asked! I can't wait to read this adult novel of Sarah's. It's sure to be steamy! :D

    1. Thanks so much Leanna! I love Sarah, and YES! I so can't wait to see what she has for us next. ESPECIALLY if it's Steamy XD

  4. Such an awesome interview! I don't understand why the books have to be PG! Other YA novels aren't. I'd be more than happy if there weren't any PG restrictions! Lol :P

    1. Hehe! SERIOUSLY good point, but I guess it depends on a few things... and the ones that AREN'T PG normally aren't completely explicity... and there's an interesting point in the book about the legalities of the age gap ;D

  5. Oh, honestly. That is the life. " I was on the beach in Goa, India. I’d sit and write with my toes sunk in the sand, drinking chai.". I wanna be an author, sign me up!

    Buahahaha and sign me up to the stripping-Alex-of-clothing superpower, PLEASE. Hehehe I love her family/sex answer too, AND THE NOT-BOUND-BY PG RATINGS THING. MAYBE WE'LL SEE CUTS OF THAT IN THE FUTURE? *probes around Sarah's brain*

    I seriously hope she returns to Lila and the gang someday, I am SO not ready to part ways with them all yet!



      Seriously. Let's all be authors. Watcha think? Ha!

      "I seriously hope she returns to Lila and the gang someday, I am SO not ready to part ways with them all yet!"

      THIS. And there's so much potential in the crew for amazing adventures, ala Xmen or, like, Oceans Eleven? I AM SO OK WITH THAT :D ♥

  6. Oh wow, this was only going to be two book series? I wasn't sure at end of Losing Lila....still a possibility is there.

    Yes, sitting on a beach in India...nice!

    Very informative Q's Sarah:D:D I learned I was probably waiting for a third book, lol!! I just assumed:D


  7. Did I miss a notice saying that all people named Sarah are completely smart, talented and amazing? Because... you guys.

    Everyone has GOT to stop teasing me about Alex :P I'm going to be going into HL with sky-high expectations thanks to all of you LOL! I LOVE that question about what her family thinks of the racier scenes, ha! That's something I've always wondered too ;D




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