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Blogspiration (45): Is It OK To Be Left Handed?

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Is it OK to be left handed? Think about it. I think this video kind of speaks for itself. Such a powerful message.
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  1. Ohmygosh, I LOVE this! <3 What a great, great message for ANYONE who is perceived as "different." Thanks Sarah.

  2. Kristen! Yes! It's amazing. I was floored when I saw the video, and you're so right about it applying to anyone who's seen as "different." Why that should be seen as a crime is just *headshake*

  3. Dude. SARAH. I love this. And maybe I identify with it more because I *am* left handed and have had to change simple things I pass paper out to my international students so I don't offend them (i.e., they come from countries where handing something to someone with your left hand is considered an insult).

    But... YES. THE MESSAGE. It's totally spot on.

  4. Wow, what a incredibly provocative video! I remember doing something similar in school a few years ago, where we were suppose to deliver a concise message about a world issue and make it into a silent, few minutes film. It was a powerful experience, and so was seeing this video...

  5. Wow, I didn't realize that kids were bullied for being left handed! I was born left-handed, and was made to switch when I was young, but I think it was more of a cultural thing. It's still strange how people can't accept that if you are born a certain way that it is okay. This is a really well-made video too, I really enjoyed this blogspiration!

  6. I love this. It's perfect. I first saw it on Brigid's blog and it's just SUCH an awesome vidoe. Seriously, whoever made this deserves a round of applause. Such a good message and I hope more people watch it because it's something that should be shared. ♥

  7. Wow, powerful stuff Sarah. This was so well done and conveyed the message perfectly

  8. I'm proud to be left handed!

    Seriously though, it kills me when kids have to deal with ridicule from the people closest to them. No matter what, you should have the full support of your family and friends.

    One of my friend's kids is a "sensitive" boy and I hate watching certain family members try to force him to be and do more "manly" things. Let the boy do what he wants to do! I feel so bad for the kid. He's a sweetheart and brilliant. I do what I can to try to support him, but I wish his family accepted him as he was.

  9. Wow. Very powerful. I love the message. I literally wanted to cry for that kid though.

  10. Wow, I never realized that kids were bullied just for being left-handed. I know tons of people who are left-handed, and I'm a left-hander, too. I've never faced ANY kind of bullying. It's just so saddening to see how people can be so CRUEL to others who are different. What's wrong with being different? It shows that you're special, unique, not just some fish in the sea.

    Like what the others said above, this was very powerful. It's hard to believe that kids are being bullied for some small and petty thing. I can't imagine ever feeling lonely and treated like that. Even the guy's parents don't approve of it - for no apparent reason. It's really sad.

    Thanks for raising awareness about this issue, though. Wonderful Blogspiration. It really gave me a lot to think about.

  11. WOW! and both of my children are left handed, this was so uncomfortable to watch!

  12. SARAH THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is such a brilliant message to spread and I'm so happy I've seen it- and it's awesome, because as soon as I started watching it I was more pleased with myself for wanting to try and become ambidexterous, even though it's not the underlying message. xxx

  13. Ooooh! I saw this one on Facebook. I think it was after Brigid shared it? Anyhoo, it's SUCH a great video!!!

  14. This is such a powerful ad campaign.
    It reminds me of this novel I read ages ago - I can't even remember the title, but one of the characters had spent his life campaigning for gay rights. And they were at some garden party, and there was a young couple there who were in that new-love-infatuation stage, and the narrator was like, "do you ever feel at all annoyed that they're able to be out and proud because (at least in part)of all the years and years of heartache and toil and painful setbacks and plain hard work that you've done, that your whole life has been, but they don't even know it, and nobody thanks you for it?"
    And the guy's like, "No, never. Because they shouldn't *have* to know it, they shouldn't *have* to thank me, it shouldn't *be* a big deal."

    Anyway, it was said a lot better in the actual book, but it just reminded me of it, so :-)
    Some people have so much to face in life. I am so, so blessed. xo

  15. Yes, but *I* posted it first. Where do you think she got it from, huh? :P

  16. Alex ♥♥♥
    It's amazing.

    But... your story. That story is amazing. And I love the idea, the sentiment... that... they should never have to know their rights were fought for, they should never have to know that people didn't think they deserved the same right to love and live as everyone else *sigh*

    I really hope the campaign gets some attention and TV-play :)
    Even the staunchest of bigots would have a hard time arguin logic with it.

  17. Romi! Thank you for watching it! I thought it was an amazing video, an amazing message, and beautifully done. It's kind of nice that it doesn't condemn but makes it perfectly clear what's right and what's not.

    Dude. What I would give to be ampidexterous O__O

  18. The video's very confronting. Agreed. I thought it had a wonderful message in the end, though -- was so proud of Beyond Blue for making it ♥

  19. Seriously, YES. The idea that anyone would victimise anyone for something so completely beyond their control -- how they're wired -- is awful :(

    Handedness was a wonderful context to hide that message in, huh? ♥

  20. Oh goodness, me too.
    That completely hopelessness and desperation when he punched the wall was crushing :(

  21. Hehehe! I was always a little jealous of my brother for being left handed (I thought it made him more special :P).

    "It kills me when kids have to deal with ridicule from the people closest to them."

    Absolutely. And it's worse than the ridicule of strangers. The people closest to you should love and support you. I'm so sorry about your friend's son. It's awful -- since when is senstivity and a more quite/creative/introspective streak something to be derided? I hope his family comes around. He's VERY lucky to have someone like you in his life ;)

  22. YES! It was wonderful! I'm so proud of Beyond Blue for making it... and... honestly. AMAZING ♥

  23. Becca ♥
    Have I mentioned I love you?
    It's from Beyond Blue, and YES. Whoever they had make it is amazing.

    "I hope more people watch it because it’s something that should be shared."

    Me, too. So much ♥ ♥ ♥

  24. Oh goodness... my brother's left handed, and so's my best friend and my boss. The idea of being forced to switch? :(

    "It’s still strange how people can’t accept that if you are born a certain way that it is okay."

    Exactly :(

  25. "Provocative" is a fantastic word.
    I was really floored by the video. Putting something so... contentious into such a simple, powerful perspective ♥

  26. OK, I NEVER knew that! I mean, not that you were left handed. I mean, I only see you type when I stare through your window at night, not write with a pen, but... :P

    No, I never knew that about the custom. My brother, my best friend, my boss, they're all left handed. I never knew about the cultural difference.

    But... seriously. The message. YES. Perfect ♥



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