Monday, December 3, 2012

Blogspiration (47): Inspiration is Like Food Poisoning

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Inspiration is Like Food Poisoning

I've been a fan of The Oatmeal for a long time, but when Matthew Inman posted his comic on 'Making Things' recently, commenting that 'Inspiration is Like Food Poisoning', I knew I had to share this with you all.

Whether you're an aspiring writer, a designer, stuggling with the pressure to produce more content as a blogger (I struggle with this constantly), or working in any kind of creative capacity, I think we can all relate to this on some level. I really hope you can take the time to read this and laugh along with me ;D

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  1. I couldn't help but laugh at this quote because . . . my god . . . it is SO true!

  2. Inspiration truly is like food poisoning! This is great!

  3. Oh, Sarah, I went off and read the 'Making Things post and *grins* though I already knew it would be, it's hilarious. I stumbled across Oatmeal a few years ago when I was looking up something grammatical and it's just such a fun, quirky site, you know? I really should visit it more often :)

    Whether you’re an aspiring writer, a designer, stuggling with the pressure to produce more content as a blogger (I struggle with this constantly), or working in any kind of creative capacity, I think we can all relate to this on some level. Eh, I know the feeling. The constant stuggle to update with new posts whilst also trying to keep your blog interesting to your readers won't run away. And another biggie: actually reading books and then writing reviews for them. Sometimes the amount of time I spend writing a review is ridiculous. Whether because I epic-loved it and am struggling with what to say or just because the words aren't flowing. Sometimes I think how much easier it would be to co-blog with another blogger. Way less stress and being able to share the work amongst yourselves are two great pluses but then there's also downsides like finding someone you work really well with and making sure you compliment one another and are well suited. It's just...yeah.

    Time to get wasted and watch The Little Mermaid! ♥ hearts;

  4. oh yes I remember reading this! The Oatmeal is perfect. also, I finished reading the dog comic you sent me after you logged off and oh my god, the ending. really touching and sad. :(

  5. HA! That was a really great comic, particularly the tornado of trolls ;D

  6. I've not heard of this comic, but the quote is hilarious and so true! Great blogspiration!

  7. Loves it. I read the page and OMG, how have I never heard of this guy. He's amazing. He has some great things to say. As a writer, I totally get it. As a blogger, I totally get it. Comments really are a scary thing. Just recently a popular writer disabled her comments thingy because the negatives comments started to affect her work nad her self-esteem. Is that not sad? :(

  8. Agree!! Inspiration is like.. magic! It's a force that can't be stopped :)

  9. I adore this <3
    And I read the comic and, LOVE.

    I agree with it so much. Thank you for sharing this, you always find the great stuff! :D

  10. Lol - great one! And that's exactly why I'm not posting a blogspiration every week. Or post it late...
    *heading over to check out oatmeal now*

  11. Ah! Thank you for introducing me to Oatmeal comics Sarah! That was a fun experience, full of laughing, reading that great comic! And it was so true! Ideas always have to come to me in at night while i'm a trying to fall asleep so i'm a awake for school the next day.

    Fantastic blogspiration Sarah!!!!

  12. Creativity does not come easily to me, but I can definitely relate to this! You can't control what can't be controlled. :)

  13. Ahh inspiration. The relationship I have with you is a wondrous and complicated thing! LOVE this quote and the rest of the comic too. So much fun to read through! <3 Thank you THIIIIIIIIS much for sharing!

  14. Another awesome post, Sarah! I saw the comic recently and though I didn't really like it, I did notice and remember the phrase that you have used as this post title, and I do like it! It's very amusing! Great post! x

  15. Awww, I'm sorry you didn't like it! Fair enough, though. I think I can kind of relate to it in context of my work. It's hard being creative on demand, and mmmm. The quote is fun, huh?

  16. RIIIIGHT? Oh goodness. And the comic gets better and better. A Tornado of trolls? HA!

  17. It is! I'm just glad inspiration isn't as painful as food poisoning! (:

  18. EXACTLY. And it kind of helps to know other people feel the same way, I think. But YES.

    Oh, Becca, the actual reading is something I've been struggling desperately with recently. Nothing's really grabbing then holding my attention, and UGH.


  19. Oh now I feel BAD! The ending made me cry.
    Because... oh goodness. My cat, that died, I swear he thought he was a dog and it was JUST like that and and and *sobs on your shoulder*

  20. hehehehe! It's perfect, right? Oh goodness. I kind of laughed so hard I cried XD

  21. Hehehe! Thanks, Charlene! I can't even remember how I stumbled across The Oatmeal, but I'm kind of addicted XD

  22. That SUCKS.
    I know another author who did the same and... that is awful. And why would people be so horrid? There's a difference between having an opinion and being entitled to it, and being an asshole.

    Seriously, though. I SO get this.
    Work, blogging, anything remotely creatively inclined it all rings true.

  23. NEA! Yessss! And it's kind of difficult to quantify and harness ;D

  24. OMG.

  25. Hehehe! And I adore YOU!
    Seriously, the comic is PERFECT, right? ♥

  26. Heh. Hehehe. HEH. I LOVE IT. It is so, so... SO perfect and brilliant and funny and true and ME. And YOU. And every other writer and creator and I need to read Oatmeal more often and now I'm REALLY craving oatmeal. But that's a type of gluten-y food poisoning I'd rather NOT have.

  27. HOW TRUE. Take right now for instance... here I am-- desperately needing to sleep-- yet on the computer like an insomniac because I had to pound out a few paragraphs. Ugh. :)

  28. I couldn't help but remember that time I vomited rice through my nose...I'd rather not be inspired like that. Or the time I vomited all over the floor for half an hour on mum's birthday, with Mark providing Facebook updates for me, unrequested.



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