Monday, January 14, 2013

Blogspiration (53): Happy Endings

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Happy endings happen in real life, too

This is taken from The Oatmeal's newest comic. Guys, I'll warn you. This one is happy sad. It's strange. But if you want to cry from laughing, then cry from sadness, then cry again from the bittersweet, it's a good one. Though perhaps you have to be an animal lover for the tears.

This quote rang true for me. Whether you write, or whether you read, there's a sense of escape. It's easy to emerge from a fictional world and feel your own life will never have such moments of pure happiness, resonance, or meaning. But happy endings do happen, in real life, even when it's easy to forget.

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  1. I like this! I love happy endings, and the real life ones are even more special.

  2. Braine @ Talk SupeJanuary 14, 2013 at 1:20 AM

    I love that quote because it's so true! Some people just don't get it... reading. Happy Weekend Sarah!

    Talk Supe

  3. Great post today, Sarah. Today I decided to do my very own (and first) blogspiration post today thanks to you. Lovely quote.

  4. Lovely quote, sad comic (although I'm pleased the family were safe)

  5. I LOVE IT!! And I completely agree with that. Fiction is nice and you don't have to look so hard for the happy endings, but real is where the fun is at, even if you do have to look for your HEA just a bit longer. :D Thanks for sharing this! :)

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair

  6. Love this quote! I didn't used to particularly find anything I liked from The Oatmeal, but it's growing on me... (:

    Sarah, I'm not sure if it's just me, but is the linky malfunctioning again? I'm trying on Safari and Firefox both, but it's not appearing... /:

  7. Eep! Romi, thank you SO much for the heads up. I'm having this problem with WP stripping out

  8. Ah that's a wonderful quote. Really brightens up the day when reality seems so bleak!

  9. On that note I read the comic and am crying. No shame.

  10. I really, really like that. So happy you introduced me to Oatmeal. :)

  11. This is so true, and really beautiful when you think about it. I do read to escape the mundanity of life (as well as because it's just damn entertaining), but sometimes there are these moments, flashes of what can only be described as pure happiness. Real life isn't all bad, and I think we do need to be reminded of it every so often. Great post, Sarah!

  12. Love that quote, it gives me the chills xD Will have to bookmark this one, thanks for sharing!

  13. In amongst all of his outrageous humor, The Oatmeal makes some amazing statements and connections. I absolutely loved this most recent post of his, and I thank you for reminding me of it!

  14. Oh, oh, oh.
    Sarah! Happy-sad is a good way of describing this. I loved the way that the author deviates off into "This is how I imagine it to be. Even though it's not what happened."
    Imagination and humour are such powerful coping mechanisms.
    And Domino! The broken cat! Just... aghh. I don't even - what a life that cat had.

  15. *sigh* I love that quote so much! The real world definitely has happy endings too, waiting for us to find it ;)

    As always, love your blogspiration post, Sarah ♥♥♥ So inspiring and beautiful!

  16. Aww, I love this!! HEAs are the BEST <3 And yeah, while I adore them fictionally... the RL ones take the cake. Thank you for always finding such beaaaaautiful quotes, Blogspiration Co-Host Extraordinaire!

  17. YES! This! Happy new week, to yooooou! ♥

  18. Erin! Your blogspiration was AMAZING! Thank you so so much for sharing ♥

  19. Maida, YES! As good as the fictional happy endings are, the real ones are even better ♥

  20. But but but... the family WASN'T safe... Still. Domino. A little miracle ♥

  21. Jo... seriously. YES. EXACTLY WHAT YOU SAID, EXACTLY HOW YOU SAID IT. Sometimes those real like happy endings are even better than the made-up ones! ♥

  22. *huggles* I'm so glad you love! ♥

  23. SO true. And I mean, I do love the humour, but it's these amazing, left-of-field and unexpected moments of insight that make him really quite special, huh?

  24. ALEX! Happy-sad it perfect.

    Every time he said this: "This is how I imagine it to be. Even though it’s not what happened" I wanted to laugh and cry.

    Domino. Seriously. WHAT YOU SAID ♥

  25. Celine ♥♥♥
    ME TOOO.
    Celine, you are lovely. THank you so much for your lovely comment. Hope you're LOVING your holidays! xx

  26. SONIA! YOU. I LOVE YOU. DID YOU KNOW? Thank you for READING, and even more for sharing. I'm seriously always thrown by how perfect yours are.

    And real life HEAs? Even better than a whole week with Etienne ♥

  27. The other house cats died heroically in battle against the cats of the Peoples Republic of Cat.

    To what were you referring?

  28. Denial. Such a wonderful place :)



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