Monday, February 11, 2013

Blogspiration (57): librocubicularist

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Librocubicularist, you say? Why yes, I believe I am. Though I also read on the couch, on the train, on buses, and while I'm walking down the street. Is there anything more wonderful than finding a word which had to have been made just for you?

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  1. Oh, I'm going to have so much fun casually mentioning this word in conversations...

  2. Ahahaa! Seriously. I'm now going to try to find a way to fit this into conversation >:D

  3. You also reading walking into telegraph poles if I, and my copy of Eclipse, remember correctly?

    You're just a big trampy reading WHORE aren't you?

  4. Ha! I DO walk into telegraph poles, reading, but that's not what happened with Eclipse. I had it in a bag, carrying it safely back to you, when I got on the train, it started with a jolt, and I was thrown forward. The bag it was in hit one of the poles in the vestibule area.

    Me = mortified.

  5. It sounds a bit like someone who reads in a cubicle... "Someone who reads when he should be working." That would be me.

  6. AHAHAHA. Oh dear. I know what you mean ^__^

  7. I'm adding this to my resume. Sounds fancy enough LOL

  8. Oh wow, that's awesome. I needed that word in my life. I'm not sure I can remember all the syllables and pronounce it correctly, but I'll sure try!

  9. I shared this on facebook and got a lot of likes-people know me too well!

  10. Hey you librocubicularist! I'm one too! Let's get in bed with our books and snuggle up! ;D

    (Though I must say, I'm not a librocubicularist as much as I'd like due to having a dentable bed. I 'spose that's the price you pay for having a marshmallow bed...)

  11. I can read almost every where, but my bed is by far the most comfortable place :D I always like to find these words, so thanks for sharing!

  12. I read EVERYWHERE. So you definitely need to come up with a word to coin that, hah. But I do the majority of my reading in bed, too--all the better to a. prop up the book b. giggle uncontrollably without TOO many witnesses and c. if I need to swoon, I'm already lying down! All I have to do is throw a hand over my fevered brow.

  13. HA! Next time the hubs complains about my lamp being on, I'm going to tell him "Sorry I'm a librocubicularist" :)

  14. Yup, that's me too. I read in the bed right before I go to sleep every night.

  15. That's a mouthful, ahaha. But it definitely describes me :)

  16. This is so wonderful- books that define bibliophiles are so perfect! I couldn't help but notice... you ran into a telegraph pole while reading? That, Sarah, is dedication.

  17. I... uh... well, I can't really deny it. I've been a little more careful ever since the girl at my bus stop grabbed my arm to stop me from walking into a bus... so... >__<

    hehe. Ooooh, I was going through so many GREAT 'biblio' words this morning, Romi! Love them :D

  18. Given my blog name is "In Bed With Books" . . . ^_~

  19. My only complaint is that the word doesn't roll off the tongue very easily so I can't see it popping up in everyday conversation. Reading in bed is a slightly decadent activity and 'librocubicularist' doesn't convey the enjoyment of the experience of reading in the comfort and security of one's own bed.

  20. PERFECT WORD AS ALWAYS, excited for the rest of yr biblio series.



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