Hi, I'm Sarah...
Or saz, to my friends. I'm 28, and I live in obnoxiously sunny Sydney, Australia (give me Winter any day) with a lovely human being who, being a superhero, we call Husbandman, and our two lovely feline children: Cleo and Bandit. They're both insane.

Yes, but what is this blog ABOUT?
saz101 is a book blog. A place where I (Sarah) review, well, books. Cover. Paper. Ink. Words--Lots of words. You've probably seen them around... While I'll read (almost) anything, I blog about and review books that are YA, Fantasy, Paranormal & Romance Genres. While not a necessity, I like my books to have a romantic element, and you'll find this in common with most of what I review here. You can find out more by reading my Review Policy.

Random Facts:
  • I'm a caffeine fiend. It's terrible, I know, but I just can't function without it. I've been hooked on coffee and energy drinks since I was 14. At this point, my blood could probably be bottled and sold as an alternative to Red Bull... uh, aside from the various health code violations.
  • I'm vegetarian.
  • I love to ski. On snow. On skis. So does my husband. I just haven't figured out an (efficient) way to read at the same time, other than in lift lines, or at hot-chocolate stops (this drives my husband NUTS). We do have ski resorts in Australia.
  • I'm a sci-fi nerd. I was raised on a steady diet of Star Trek (TOS), Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, and Star Wars. I love Firefly, Stargate, ALL Star Trek (though I've not yet been able to watch Enterprise), and pretty much anything along those lines (think Fringe, Heroes, The Matrix, Hitchhikers, Galaxy Quest, Blade Runner, Farscape, whatever).
    But most of all, I love Doctor Who. Seriously, ask me anything. I can name every actor who ever played The Doctor, in order, and I plan my weekend around when Doctor Who will be on TV. Family holiday? Uhhh, sorry, I have other plans... People who know me know this as one of my defining characteristics.
  • I met my husband when I was 16, just before my seventeenth birthday. We married when I was 21 (he was 23), and I still adore him. I believe in romance, and real love stories. And that love is hard work, but worth it.
  • I sort M&M's. First into colour, then into colour spectrum (ROYGBIV) then eat them in twos. Smarties don't seem to bother me as much.


  1. Wow. That was probably much more than I ever needed to know about you. :P Especially the M&Ms-sorting. Never knew anyone actually did that kind of thing!

    And wow high school long-lasting romance. That's pretty much as good as it gets. ;) You sound totally nut-so -- you'd probably get along with the fellow Sydney-sider YA bloggers.

  2. Hi Sarah!! We like your blog.... its so cute !! :D

  3. Um, so I'm obsessed with Doctor Who too. And I sort my Skittles. We should totally be best friends. :P

  4. I love the part where you talk about your husband and how young you were when you met. I met mine when I was 14 (but we didn't date until we were 16) and we married at 21 too. And he too is what makes me love all the mushy gushy love stuff. :) I think that's what I love YA so much (outside of the fact that it's awesome)--because I totally relate to falling in love at a young age.
    Anyway, love your blog!

  5. I absolutely envy you and your husband now. XD I mean, I'm sure it's a LOT of work, but it also sounds great and like both of you were incredibly lucky to have found eachother, it's basically like.. fiction, you know? *grew up with a single mom and has never met a couple that didn't break up at one point, so is making bitter face while envying you and throwing a temper tantrum* XD XD XD

    And yay, vegetarian! I spend the last 1-3 year living vegetarian/vegan, but then had to stop because I got some medical treatment, which made my body stop producing some important stuff or something. Mhe. Anyway, it seems by the end of 2012 I'll be able to be a vegetarian again!

    Do you have any SciFi recommendations? Still haven't managed to read any of the "classics". :/

    (I do the M&M thing, too LOL)

    1. Patricia, I can't believe I missed this! Eek! You know, I'm not a well-read sci-fi fan. I'm big into sci-fi TV/movies/whatnot. My brother's a LOT better read than me... I know he's an Asimov fan?
      What I CAN recommend, wholeheartedly, is ANYTING by Douglas Adams. EVERYONE, sci-fi fan or not should read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Sheer nonsensical brilliance :D

      Oooh, and you know what? I know Across The Universe left you a little cold, but you might prefer reading Maria V. Snyder's Inside Out :D

    2. Start with Neuromancer by William Gibson. This book pretty much established cyberpunk. And, I just found out, is where we got the phrase cyberspace - Gibson came up with the term previously, ths book popularized it. So, so good.

      Does A Wrinkle In Time count?

      - Her Brother

    3. If you remain unconvinced, I meant to include hat Gibson more or less imagined the World Wide Web before it existed. Some even suggest it wouldn't have existed without him, or at least not as we know it. I cannot tell you how big a deal this book is.

  6. I'm finding that we have a lot in common. I too am a sci-fi nerd - my husband got me into watching Firefly, Bab 5, Farscape, Star Trek etc. Love caffeine. I was a vegan for a year - but no longer, and I love the same kind of authors/books. I will be checking back here often! :)

  7. Yay, another Australian book blogger! Love the blog and design (:

  8. I SORT MY M&Ms TOO!!!!! More proof that we're meant to be friends. Also raised on a steady diet of sci-fi & would DIE without my Star Wars & Star Trek.

    I simply MUST follow your blog. This is too karmic to pass up. :D



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