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What My Ratings Mean:

I use stars, because they're simple, and I'm pretty sure you'll already know what they mean. It also means my ratings are portable across Goodreads and Amazon.

But just to clarify: for me '3 stars' isn't negative. In fact, it's positive. I liked this book. For the most part, any complaints, irritations, or recurring rashes I have with books rated 3-stars and up are fairly minor compared to how much I actually enjoyed the book. I'm either nitpicking, or trying desperately hard to be objective. Have a look through and see how my mind works:

1 star2 star3 star4 star5 star
I loved it. ADORED it. Wanna make babies with it. I give 5 stars sparingly. This is a book that haunts me, is a classic, is something really, really special. It's exquisitely crafted, and resonates with me on a deep level. To give you an idea, at the moment, 'Some Girls Bite', by Chloe Neill, is one of my favourite books, yet I only gave it 4 stars.
For me, this is the standard by which all other books are measured. In fact, me and this book would like some time alone *stares* So, uh... bye!
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1 star2 star3 star4 star
I really, really liked it. Loved it, even. When I turned the last page, I immediately started cyber-stalking the author, trawling fan-forums, and obsessing about a sequel. What do you MEAN I have to wait a YEAR?!
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1 star2 star3 star
I liked it. Entertaining, clever, funny, whatever. It totally worked for me. I'll recommend it to friends, read it again, spend time online to find out more about a series.
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1 star2 star
It was OK, and I didn't necessarily dislike it. In fact, it's quite possible I DID still like it, but I had an issue with an aspect of it (stupid character choices, annoying plot elements, etc), that I couldn't get past, or maybe it was a really disappointing entry in a series I've just come to expect more from. I'll explain why something about this book annoyed me. I probably wouldn't read it again, but hey, never say never.
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1 star
I didn't like it. I mean, really, REALLY didn't like it. It takes a LOT for me to '1-star' a book: if I disliked a book this much, I'd usually rather say nothing, than something mean. It failed on a number of levels for me, and I'll tell you why.
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